The Municipal Register is the official list of heritage properties that are regulated by the City under the authority of the Ontario Heritage Act. All properties that have been designated under the Heritage Act must be listed on the Register. The City can also list non-designated properties on the Register.

Designated Properties

The Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Resources (“the Register”) currently contains over 70 designated properties and over 175 non-designated properties. These properties are located throughout the City and may be publicly or privately owned. Publicly accessible properties are highlighted on the map in green. Privately owned properties are highlighted on the map in red. Listing a private property on the Register does not give the public permission to trespass on the property.

Non-designated Properties

The Municipal Register also contains properties that are not designated but are believed to be of some cultural heritage value or interest. The different regulations applying to each section are explained on the City of Burlington’s website under, “About the Municipal Register”.