City of Burlington

As a citizen advisory committee of City of Burlington, Heritage Burlington works closely with the City and staff on several matters. Heritage Burlington advises the Planning and Development Committee of Council regarding heritage conservation planning decisions, including the designation of properties, listing properties on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Resources, considering applications for heritage permits, and the provision of financial support for designated properties.

Please reach out to City of Burlington directly for the following information:

Heritage Conservation Planning

For general information about heritage conservation planning in Burlington, including information on heritage permits and demolition, visit the city’s Heritage Conservation Planning page.

Heritage Permits

Heritage Permits are managed by the City of Burlington. Owners of designated heritage properties must apply for and obtain a heritage permit before making any alteration to their property that could affect the protected heritage attributes identified in the property’s designation by-law. Heritage Permits are also required for proposals to demolish or remove buildings or structures from designated properties.

Heritage Permit applications are reviewed by Planning staff in consultation with the Heritage Burlington citizen advisory committee. For more information on Heritage Permit’s, please visit the City’s page here.

Municipal Register – City of Burlington

Designated Properties

The Municipal Register is the official list of heritage properties in Burlington that are regulated by the City under the authority of the Ontario Heritage Act. All properties designated under the Heritage Act are listed on the Register.  To view the Register of designated properties, visit the City’s website here.

Non-Designated Properties

The City can also list non-designated properties on the non-designated Register because they are believed to be of some cultural heritage value or interest. To view the Register of non-designated properties, visit the City’s website here.

Financial Support and Incentive Programs

Designated properties are eligible for financial assistance through the City towards restoration and maintenance work through heritage grant program. Designated properties are also eligible for a tax rebate program intended to assist designated residential heritage property owners with the conservation, protection and restoration of their properties.

For information on financial support for designated properties, including tax rebates and grants, refer to the City of Burlington website here.

General Inquiries

The Heritage Planner works in the Development Planning section of the Department of City Building, and can be reached at: [email protected], (905) 335-7600 ext. 7929