Shores Acres Estate Gatehouse Lodge – Paletta Mansion

The one-and-a-half storey frame cottage in vernacular Arts and Crafts Style dates from circa 1914 and and was probably built shortly after the relocation of the Lakeshore Road and the registration of W. D. Flatt’s Shore Acres Survey, Plan 171.

The frame structure is clad with narrow clapboard wood siding and is supported by a rock-faced concrete block foundation. It has a recessed half-front porch with an octagonal column in the corner supporting the overhanging roof. The porch is defined by a low cobblestone wall and projecting Arts-and-Crafts Style front steps.

The end-gabled roof is broken by large dormers front and rear. Both dormers have front gables with returns. The lower windows are single or double sets of six-over-one wood sash. The upper level windows are pairs of two-over-one (in the dormers) or four-over-one wood sash.

The cottage was occupied by the gardener or groundskeeper.

At the north entrance to the estate is a one-and-one-half story cottage with narrow horizontal siding. A rusticated concrete block foundation supports the frame structure.

The character of the c.1910 home is enhanced by the cobblestone wall surrounding the porch and the octagonal column which supports the overhanging roof. The cobble stone wall lines the steps up to the porch, terminating in scrolled pedestals. Cobblestone walls were popular at this time along Lakeshore Road in Burlington. Some of the walls used as boundary fences still line nearby properties.

In plan the home is L-shaped resulting from the porch area, and the half story of the home is enhanced by the gable end roof which is broken centrally on both the front and rear facades with dormers. The dormers are gable style with returns. Windows on the front lower story are double sets of six-overone and single six over ones on the rear. The dormer windows are two-over-one double sets both front and back. The siding has been,recently painted, but was poorly executed. Many areas, especially the red brick chimney show paint where areas were left unmasked during painting. The chimney needs repointing at the top.

Shores Acres Estate Gatehouse Lodge – Paletta Mansion
4252 Lakeshore Road
Burlington On L7L 1A6